Hayfield Cross Church of England Primary School – Traffic Calming Works

31 January 2024

We are writing to update you, as to works that are being undertaken, to the crossing at Hayfield Cross Church of England Primary School and other measures that we are implementing.

The works are consisting of construction of a full pedestrian crossing at the school entrance, road lining and implementation of parking controls on the roads surrounding the school, which are currently within the jurisdiction of Hanwood Park. These will include road barriers to discourage inappropriate verge parking.

We have also committed funding to Home Run, in partnership with the school, which promotes active and sustainable transport options. Also, we are exploring the options of bike sharing schemes. Further details will be provided in relation to Home Run in due course.

While most site visitors behave with care and respect, there have been incidents of damage and poor driving.

The initial works will take place during the half term, with parking measures and enforcement being phased in during the coming weeks. During the works, Hayfield Crescent will be closed to traffic with appropriate advance signage being installed. A copy of the Traffic Management Plan, while the works are being undertaken (February 19th to 24th February 2024) has been enclosed.

We will continue to work with the school to monitor the effectiveness of the measures that are being implemented and will listen to feedback and suggestions. Our proposals have been discussed with local stakeholders and the police, who are supportive of the approach.

Download our Traffic Management Plan

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