Yes to sports clubs, community facilities, green spaces and schools

10 November 2023

November 2023: Community groups, councillors and more than 250 residents had their say at a recent Hanwood Park public exhibition – asking questions, making suggestions and sharing their views about the future of the Kettering housing development.

Chris Langdon, Project Director at Hanwood Park reported an “overwhelmingly supportive” response at the exhibition.

“There was such support for the project and positive comments about living at Hanwood Park,” explained Chris. “People generally want us to get through the next stage of planning permission so we can deliver shops, amenities and sports facilities, and start opening up more of the area to the public. We share that desire to pick up the pace and turn the proposals we have had from our business partners into reality with investment on the ground.”

The exhibition also saw particular interest from local football groups keen to provide a a range of football provision on Hanwood Park and especially to reflect the growth in popularity of women’s football. There were plenty of requests for cycling facilities, pubs, parks and well-lit open spaces.

Parking and traffic were highlighted as areas of concern and sustainable travel proved to be a popular topic of discussion with Hanwood Park focusing of the government’s plans for decarbonising transport.

Chris explained: “There is a real appetite for sustainable transport options, including improved bus services, walking and cycling routes to Kettering. People told us that they don’t want to have to drive everywhere and this is why we are working with North Northamptonshire Council to make sure our new community is well connected to the wider area.

“As well as launching our travel survey we showcased our new cargo bike, which we will be sharing with local community groups and were supported by Voi scooters – whose network has now been expanded to include the whole of the Hanwood Park estate. We also spoke to visitors about our latest initiative, a partnership with HomeRun – which is all about finding novel and convenient ways to improve school trips.”

Kate Williams, chief executive of Groundwork Northamptonshire, said: “We are encouraged by Hanwood Park’s approach and vision around sustainable transport, one which benefits the ecology, area and community. We were delighted and relieved when Hanwood Park removed plans to build a road through our community green space Greenpatch from their masterplan and are now keen to support the development with its sustainable travel solutions.”

Alison Holland, Founder of Northamptonshire-based Brightwayz, added: “We are really pleased to be working in partnership with Hanwood Park to make local journeys easier, safer and greener for all. The team at Hanwood Park are keen on developing safe cycle routes not just within the estate but across the wider local area too and their recent exhibition was an ideal opportunity for us to promote the many sustainable travel activities we promote or organise.”

A community meeting for Hanwood Park residents is set to take place later this month, and the focus will be on projects that can be delivered now, everything from allotments and orchards to a café in the park, cycle hubs and more.

In the meantime, people are encouraged to complete the Hanwood Park survey, which has been designed to ensure the new community is well connected. It includes questions about when and how people travel, why people may choose to use their car and factors that might encourage people to walk, cycle, use public transport or car share.

Hanwood Park, at the eastern edge of Kettering in Barton Seagrave, is already home to 3,000 residents and, when completed, will be home to around 15,000.

First approved in 2010, Hanwood Park – when completed - is set to include up to 5,500 new homes, schools, shops, community buildings, employment spaces, leisure facilities, parks and woodlands.

Complete the travel survey here

There is a prize on offer for submitting a completed survey that will be given to one lucky respondent in time for Christmas.

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