Tackling traffic: Kettering schools use new app to cut school run congestion

9 April 2024

Reducing traffic and congestion during busy school runs is the latest sustainable transport initiative unveiled by the team at Hanwood Park in Northamptonshire.

We have teamed up with school transport platform HomeRun to help parents at local schools reduce their car useage, plan ahead and share journeys.

Southfield School and Hayfield Cross Primary School have signed up to pilot the app, with other nearby schools on track to soon do the same.

Richard Albert, headteacher of Hayfield Cross Primary School, said: "We are really pleased to be able to support this Hanwood Park initiative, which is all about learning more about your busy school run and investigating creative ways to make this easier for you all. The app is simple to use and already proving popular with parents - we look forward to hearing feedback from HomeRun and hopefully seeing easier and safer drop-off and pick up arrangements for you all."

Chris Langdon, Project Director, Hanwood Park, said: “Here at Hanwood Park we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and creating a well-connected community. By cutting the sheer volume of school runs driven we will have less traffic on the roads at peak times and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

“As well as reducing traffic HomeRun will also help collate valuable local travel data, meaning we, along with the local authority and other stakeholders, will be able to plan and potentially fund the most suitable travel solutions. This partnership with HomeRun is part of our wider sustainable transport strategy and we continue to work closely with North Northamptonshire Council to ensure we are well connected to the wider community and that people don’t have to always use their car to travel.”

Hanwood Park is already home to 3,000 residents and, when completed will be home to around 15,000.

Pooya Kamvari, CEO of HomeRun, said: The school run is one of the biggest generators of peak-time traffic, and associated CO2 and air pollution. There are 43 schools in Kettering, with over 17,000 pupils making daily journeys to and from these schools, so we are very excited about running this pilot with Hanwood Park, which we believe will transform the local school run.”

The HomeRun app works by providing sustainable travel options to parents and school staff, including creating verified journey sharing communities. This will not only help parents and staff to improve their commuting experience, but also reduce car usage and the associated impacts on the community and environment.

HomeRun already works with more than 150 schools and a number of local authorities in the UK. They have reported that an average of one in four parent drivers have chosen to travel more sustainably since using the app. You can find out more about the HomeRun app here: https://www.homerun-app.com

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