Outline application is submitted to North Northamptonshire Council

25 March 2021

Hanwood Park LLP has submitted a new outline application to North Northamptonshire Council. The main purpose of the new application is to secure more time for the submission of future detailed proposals, to continue and complete the originally approved development. 

Outline planning permission for the Hanwood Park development was granted back in April 2010. The permission allows a fixed period of 10 years for the submission of detailed proposals, which ends this year.

The original masterplan for Hanwood Park was submitted in August 2007. Since then, the development has progressed, and some minor adjustments have been made. Full details can be found in the outline planning submission, but the proposed minor amendments can be summarised as follows:

  • Adjustments to the development area to exclude some land parcels which are owned by others, or have already been developed (including the Hayfield Cross Primary School site).
  • Updates to development parcels close to the new junction 10a to reflect current thinking around its possible location/alignment.
  • A review of the development parcels within Phase 1 to deliver suitable, viable and attractive services and facilities within the District Centre and also allow scope for other complementary uses
  • Adjustment of the secondary school parcel to account for the location of the primary electrical substation.
  • Indicative secondary routes to show how development parcels will be connected in the future.
  • Identification of locations for additional sustainable drainage ponds, within the open spaces, to ensure the development continues to be designed for climate change.

If you would like to view the new planning application, you can search for it on North Northamptonshire Council's website by clicking the following link and entering the reference NK/2021/0292.

Planning application search

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