New outline application to be submitted for Hanwood Park

13 September 2019

Hanwood Park LLP has started discussions with Kettering Borough Council regarding a new outline application which will include information on homes, schools, employment sites, local facilities, infrastructure and open space for the remainder of the development.

A new outline is needed as the current planning permission, which originally dates back to 2010, requires all details for the development to be submitted to the Council by March 2020. This cannot be achieved across the whole development in the remaining time, so a new application is needed. 

Before a new outline planning application can be submitted, Hanwood Park LLP needs to assess all the environmental impacts within an ‘Environmental Statement’. This will consider the likely environmental effects on a variety of topics such as flooding, ecology, pollution and climate change. Hanwood Park LLP must agree the scope of what should be included in the Environmental Statement with the local planning authority and have therefore submitted a Scoping request to the Council.

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