Landscaping work underway on Hanwood Park Avenue and Hayfield Crescent

3 February 2022

Contractors working on behalf of Hanwood Park are currently undertaking landscaping work along the stretch of Hanwood Park Avenue that runs to the north of Cranford Road and into Hayfield Crescent, where Hayfield Cross School is located. Wide green verges are being created along both sides of the road to separate the carriageway from the footpaths, and street trees are also being planted at regular intervals.

Hayfield Crescent is not yet open to through-traffic, and the Hayfield Cross School site includes a purpose-designed drop-off and pick-up area for vehicles, which has not yet been implemented. In the meantime, Hayfield Crescent is used by many parents for school drop-offs and pick-ups. Whilst the road was not designed for this purpose, the landscaping works have been brought forward for the benefit of parents and children who currently use this route to access the school.

The work involves the creation of 3,000 square metres of verges, which will initially be topsoiled before being turfed. Landscaping needs to be undertaken during daylight working hours and, whilst the contractors are endeavouring to minimise activity during school drop-off and pick-up times, there will inevitably be some disruption to traffic. Whilst we understand that the disruption may cause some frustration, the landscaping works are being undertaken – in response to a request from headmaster of the school – to improve the environment for parents, children, and visitors to the school. 

Please keep off the verges

Hanwood Park would be grateful if ALL users of this road and footpath could kindly be respectful to the contractors who are working in this area. We ask that you avoid walking across the freshly laid topsoil and turf. Even once the new turf has been laid, it should be allowed to bed in and must not be walked on for at least three weeks. Regular gaps have been created between the verges to make it possible to avoid walking across them.


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