Hanwood Park funded junction improvements to help growth in the town

23 July 2021

Junction improvements in Kettering have been given the green light by North Northamptonshire Council’s Executive. 

 The scheme will focus on two junctions, which are currently at over-capacity:

  • The intersection of London Road, Pytchley Road and Barton Road
  • The intersection of Barton Road and Windmill Avenue

 The work is being paid for by contributions from Hanwood Park – through a Section 106 agreement with no additional funding required from the council. The early payment of these contributions has made it possible to accelerate the road improvement programme.

The Hanwood Park development comprises 5,500 houses as well as schools, healthcare, commercial properties and open space.

Work will see extended left turn lanes on Windmill Avenue and Barton Road (at the intersection of Barton Road and Windmill Avenue) and an enlarged roundabout with wider approaches in place of the existing mini roundabout at London Road, Pytchley Road and Barton Road. 

The project is due to start in the Autumn and scheduled for completion before the end of April 2022.

Cllr Steven North, the North Northamptonshire Council’s executive member for regeneration and growth, said:

We welcome the growth to the east of Kettering and the associated benefits that this brings in boosting the local economy but It’s essential that we have the right infrastructure in place to allow this to happen.

Cllr Jason Smithers. Leader of the Council, said: “Without the works the local road network and consequently the lives of local residents would be detrimentally affected.

“As a council we are determined to not only create growth but to make sure we get it right and I’m confident that these proposed measures are doing just that.”

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